Faulty Aesthetics in Turkey

Aesthetic surgical interventions are medical-surgical interventions aimed at correcting congenital or spontaneous appearance defects of the person or making people look more beautiful than they are, even if such a situation does not exist. In case of incorrect results resulting from these interventions, compensation is possible due to incorrect plastic surgery.

Aesthetics Turkey Case

The trend towards plastic surgeries for beautification purposes has been increasing rapidly lately. In fact, it has reached such an advanced level that; It has become a very large industry. To give an example of plastic surgeries performed for beautification purposes; tissue transfer to the wrinkled face, vacuum fat removal from the buttocks, nose correction, double chin removal, thinning of chubby cheeks, lip or breast enlargement or breast reduction by wearing silicone prosthesis, breast lift, ear reduction or correction of prominent ears, aesthetic tummy tuck, liposuction (aesthetic liposuction). We can give many examples of aesthetic operations such as fat injection, face lift, eyebrow lift, eyelid aesthetics, chin aesthetics, botox. In this regard, there will be malpractice lawsuits in case of faulty plastic surgeries.

Can You Sue Doctors İn Turkey? Can You Sue a Clinic in Turkey?

You can file a lawsuit against your plastic surgeon or the health institution where you had plastic surgery. In case of damages resulting from incorrect medical intervention, a lawsuit may be filed to claim material and moral compensation. You can CONTACT us regarding this issue.

Can You Get Compensation for Surgery not Done Properly in Turkey?

Claims for compensation in plastic surgeries arise if the surgery results unexpectedly. Material and moral compensation may be claimed as a result of faulty medical intervention (malpractice).

The rights of the patient who suffered damage as a result of the doctor’s error to request compensation are as follows:

  • Financial Compensation – All treatment expenses spent to correct this error as a result of the doctor’s error, as well as temporary or permanent and caregiver expenses due to the person’s incapacity for work, are included in the financial compensation.
  • Non-pecuniary compensation – In case a person’s physical integrity is damaged, it may decide to pay an appropriate amount of money to the injured person as non-pecuniary compensation, taking into account the characteristics of the incident.
  • Compensation for Loss of Support – It is the damage suffered by the support recipients as a result of the loss of the support received by the people whom a person supported while he was alive, due to the death of a person who died as a result of a doctor’s error. These people may request this compensation from the responsible persons or institutions.

Medical Negligence Solicitors Turkey

Turkey Health Law Attorney, provides legal services to its local and foreign clients in resolving some legal disputes that may arise in the field of health, and continues its activities in this context.

Can You Sue for a Bad Hair Transplant in Turkey?

After unsuccessful hair transplantation operations, people can file a malpractice lawsuit. Therefore, if the patient proves the doctor’s fault, the existence of damage, and the causal link between the fault and the damage, you can claim material and moral compensation.

Hair Transplant Attorney Turkey

Hair transplantation is a medical procedure performed by specialist physicians. However, as with any medical procedure, this procedure can sometimes produce unexpected results. In cases of faulty hair transplantation, patients often find that the result does not meet their expectations, or worse, they encounter physically or aesthetically disturbing results. At this point, we step in as a faulty hair transplantation case lawyer. We will then assist in taking legal steps to protect these patients’ rights and assert compensation claims when necessary.

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