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University in Turkey

There are two types of university selection in Turkey: State universities and Foundation universities. State universities accept students with high exam scores.The exam is in Turkish, Mathematics and History. Foundation universities are paid universities that are not directly affiliated with the state but are operated autonomously by a foundation. Most foundation universities have both undergraduate and graduate programs. Some foundation universities are known for their success in Engineering and Medicine programs. The language of instruction in some foundation universities is English. Most foundation universities have English preparatory classes for students who do not have foreign language proficiency.

There are 123 state universities and 65 foundation universities across Turkey for 2024. As of January 2024, Turkey ranks 25th in the world in terms of the number of universities, with 208 higher education institutions (state/foundation universities and foundation vocational schools).

İnternational Students in Turkey  

Foundation universities for international students in Turkey are more widely used. Because it is possible for foreign students to enroll in foundation universities without taking an exam.

It is legally mandatory for every foreign student who will study in Turkey to obtain a student residence permit. Foreign students in Turkey can also obtain a “Student Residence Permit” if they enroll in universities. Additionally, some foundation universities apply for residence permits themselves. In this case, foreign students can easily stay in Turkey.

Foreign students must apply to the university to obtain a residence permit. After the application process is completed, it takes 90 days for the residence permit to be discussed and the decision to grant or reject it.

For foreign students, studying at foundation universities in Turkey is an exam-free option. Every year, foundation universities open a certain number of quotas for foreign students. If you want to benefit from special scholarships and discounts through Oner Law, you can CONTACT us.

YÖK Study in Turkey

YÖK is an institution that is responsible for the education provided by universities and was established in 1982.

What is YÖK? What Does It Do? There are some institutions that universities are affiliated with. People are wondering which of these institutions they are. YÖK is one of these institutions. The Higher Education Institution is responsible for the detailed processing of the training provided at universities. It is an institution that supervises and regulates the training provided. All universities are affiliated with the Higher Education Council regarding education.

There are two types of universities in Turkey: state and foundation universities. All universities are accredited by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK).

Foreign student university exam (YÖS) is an exam that foreign students who want to study in higher education institutions in Turkey will take and whose results they can use when applying for admission to these institutions. Foreign student exam;It is the exam that foreign students must take to get accepted and study at state universities in Turkey.Additionally, some public and private universities in Turkey accept foreign students through the YÖS Exam. Universities that accept YÖS announce the quotas themselves. YÖS exam results are announced by universities.

As Oner Law, we ensure that you can receive a scholarship of up to 75% without having to take university exams.

Study in Turkey For İnternational Students

International Students can apply to universities in Turkey without exams and with their diploma scores. In addition, foreign students can apply to the departments they want without taking any exams. As a foreign student in 2024, there are universities you can apply to through Öner Law and Consultancy with your diploma score. When applying with Öner Law and Consultancy, you can benefit from special discounts and quotas at the following universities.

Studying in Turkey Pros and Cons

Turkey, which has hosted many deep-rooted civilizations for thousands of years, is a cultural mosaic! In this country, which has hosted countless civilizations, everyone is tolerant and respectful towards each other. Turkey, where you can find a piece of your own roots and perhaps meet people who speak your language, is ideal for students with its safe and peaceful environment. Additionally Turkey, where four seasons are experienced, is famous all over the world for its natural beauties. You can enjoy swimming and water sports in the seas surrounding Turkey; You can ski in the mountains located in many cities; You can try rafting on its rivers and experience many extreme sports. You will feel like you are in heaven in Turkey, which has countless beauties that will fascinate you with its views alone!

The cons of studying in Turkey are the adaptation process to a different culture far from your own country, the distance from family or circle of friends, and some difficult processes in terms of understanding and getting used to the habits and routines of people in different cultures.

Top 10 Universities in Turkey

Turkey’s Top 10 Universities these are Hacettepe University, Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Istanbul University, Ankara University, Middle East Technical University, Koç University, Istanbul Cerrahpaşa University, Gazi University, Ege University and Near East University.

Turkey MBBS Universities

Turkish universities have a wide range of programs in the field of FACULTY OF MEDICINE. Turkish universities; It is known for the diversity of educational programs they offer, from general education to field-specific specialisation, academic excellence and the research they conduct, providing world-class education, especially in the field of MBBS, and training future professionals.

At the same time, Turkish universities, which have strong ties with the industry, provide internship opportunities to students aiming for a career in the MBBS field, the opportunity to work on research projects with world-class leading faculty members, professional training programs after university education and career guidance. You can contact us to get free preliminary information about Turkey and Turkish universities.

Study in Turkey For Free

How much does it cost to study in turkey for international students? Tuition fees for foreign students vary according to various departments of universities. The amounts students will pay start from 1,000$ and go up to 35,000$.

The cheapest university in Turkey for international students is the state university. However, it is necessary to take the exam to enroll in a state university. Therefore, for foreign students, studying at foundation universities in Turkey is an exam-free option and scholarship opportunities are also possible.

How much does it cost to study medicine in Turkey? Turkey MBBS fees start from 9,000$ and go up to 35,000$.

Study in Turkey Agency 

As Oner Law and Consultancy Office, we offer consultancy services to our foreign student clients who have come to Turkey from different countries, while they are able to fulfill the necessary official procedures.  There are some procedures that foreign students must follow in order to study at a university in Turkey. Many foreign students, on the other hand, experience delays in their procedures and problems in starting their education life due to their lack of knowledge on these subjects. It is also possible for foreigners abroad to register at the university and come to Turkey with a student visa.
As Oner Law and Consultancy Agency and study in Turkey consultants, we support our students at every stage of these difficult processes.


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