Malpractice Dental Attorney

Malpractice in dentistry can occur in many different ways, such as misdiagnosis, wrong treatment, wrong implant applications, wrong dosage and drug use. As a result of such incorrect practices, it is possible for the patient to experience serious health problems such as pain, infection, tooth loss, jaw bone loss, and nerve damage. For example, when a dentist extracts a patient’s teeth, he or she may pull the wrong tooth or damage the tooth root. In addition, the patient may be harmed due to errors in implant and prosthesis application, there may be an error in the anesthesia method used, damage to the patient’s teeth may occur as a result of an incorrect treatment method, and the patient may not regain his health as intended with the treatment. In such cases, a malpractice lawsuit may be filed against the physician and the healthcare institution and a judicial decision may be issued. You can CONTACT us for more detailed information about the case.

Faulty Dental Treatment

We frequently encounter questions about bad dental work in Turkey.

Medical interventions performed by dentists are direct interventions on the person’s body. Therefore, if the dentist makes any mistake, this constitutes a tort and a crime.

Legal Liability of the Dentist in Turkey

Legal liability of the dentist means the doctor’s liability for medical errors. There are three types of dentist liability for medical errors:
• Criminal Liability
• Liability for Compensation
• Disciplinary Responsibility
In all three cases, the physician will face a sanction. However, these sanctions are quite different from each other.

Can you Sue a Dentist in Turkey? Can you Sue a Dentist for Nerve Damage?

A lawsuit may be filed against the dentist for compensation due to malpractice, or a complaint may be filed with the prosecutor’s office. Compensation must be paid to compensate for the damage suffered as a result of the dentist’s incorrect treatment. We provide our clients with the best compensation lawyer service in filing a compensation lawsuit for damages resulting from doctor’s error.

How do I Complain about a Dentist in Turkey?

Dentists carry transferences towards their patients during this treatment service they provide in oral and dental health. If the dentist suffers damage as a result of faulty treatment, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be filed and compensation cannot be cancelled. Therefore, as we stated above, a complaint can be made to the prosecutor’s office and the chamber of dentists.  If you want us to help you as a Medical negligence solicitor Turkey, CONTACT us.

Fee for Malpractice Dental Attorney

Dentist malpractice cases lawyer, it determines the fee it will demand from the client according to the effort and time it will spend.


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